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The third series in our SupportSATalent Virtual Racing Series, is planned from 2 – 23 September  18:00 CET.

Participants making their donation of R200 or more into the Phil Liggett Foundation can participate in all the events in this Series and your donation gets you an entry into winning the Wahoo KICKR. You can make this donation by scanning the bar code here using Zapper, Snapscan or any bank Masterpass-enabled mobile payments application.


When entering the events in the Virtual Racing Series, please note the following:

  1. All participants in the Virtual Racing Series must have an active Zwift membership, be registered and have their Zwift Account connected to Zwift Power.
  2. Zwift Power will be used to validate that you are in the correct category. So, please enter the correct category when you enter the race. If Zwift Power amends your category then, we reserve the right to amend this too.
  3. Weekly events will be advertised on social media platforms and added to the Virtual Racing Series WhatsApp group – you can join this group here
  4. Support SA Talent will select the event each week and reserves the right to amend the start times, dependent on events available on Zwift.
  5. You are not allowed to race with a “Tron Bike”.
  6. You may enter as an individual as well as in a Team, of no more than 6 Riders. The Team scores will be a total score of each individual riders’ points per event.
  7. If you are entering as a Team, all Team members must have their Team Name after their Zwift name in brackets. i.e. Your Name (TEAM). This is to determine accurate Team results being published. Riders must ensure that their Zwift Power name is also updated.
  8. By registering with us, you give us permission to feature you on the Virtual Racing Series Leader boards and publish these on our social media channels.
  9. Points will only be official once we have released them on our social media platforms (this will be done within 24 hours of the event and after an inspection of the results published on Zwift Power). In the event that Zwift Power subsequently suspends a participant, then we will apply the suspension to our Series and the participants position and points will be re-ranked accordingly.
  10. Participants can enter all the events in the Virtual Racing Series. The more you participate the higher chance you have of earning points.
  11. There is no entry fee to participate in the Virtual Racing Series but, we encourage you to make a donation of R200 or more to the Phil Liggett Foundation to Support SA Talent, from time to time we have various prize draws that you will be entered into for making a donation.
  12. To incentivize donations, the Foundation allocates a percentage of donations received to a Prize Pool for the Virtual Racing Series winners. We reserve the right to amend the split, from time to time, as a result of 3rd party events being run in the Series that also require a percentage of the donations to be made available to their charitable beneficiaries.
  13. There is a minimum number of 6 participants per category, in order to allocate points and feature participants on the Virtual Road Cycling Series Leaderboard after each event. Please visit our website for this information.
  14. There is also a minimum number of 6 participants per category, in order for participants to share in the prize pool. In the event that minimum number of participants is not met, no prize pool allocation will be made to that category for that event. At the end of the Series only events that met the minimum participants criteria will qualify for distribution of the prize pool funds. Any unallocated funds will remain in the Support SA Talent Foundation. Please visit our website for this information.
  15. In the case of the Men’s and Women’s Individual Categories, the Top 3 places will be awarded their share of the Prize Pool as indicated: 1st Place [60%], 2nd Place [30%] and 3rd Place [10%]. In the case of the Team Competition, only the 1st Place Team will be awarded their share of the Prize Pool.
  16. As the Virtual Racing Series is new and we are still learning, we reserve the right to amend the rules from time time to ensure that these are fair to participants and assist in achieving the goals set out to fundraise for our Foundation to Support SA Talent.

SUPPORT SA TALENT – for SA Road Cyclists


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The PHIL LIGGETT FOUNDATION TO SUPPORT SA TALENT is a non-profit, voluntary association committed to fundraising for South African Road Cyclists and Teams – by means of donations, crowdfunding and contributions – aggregated through the use of various solutions created and managed by ProTouch Sports, as well as third party partnerships.

As part of the Support SA Talent Project, we have combined my love for South Africa and Road Cycling, to form the Phil Liggett Foundation, to further enable South African Athletes. The Foundations’ Governance Committee includes South African Women’s National Road and ITT Champion, Ashleigh Moolman Pasio and Men’s National Road Champion, Ryan Gibbons as well as the founders of ProTouch Sports.

Through strategic partnerships with individuals, businesses, other non-profit organisations and sponsors, the FOUNDATION  aims to support South African Road Cyclists and their Teams, participating in UCI events and, those selected to represent South African at Road Cycling World Championships, Continental Championships and the African Games.

Only athletes [in the Junior and U23/ Elite categories] who are registered with Cycling South Africa and who, are riding for Cycling South Africa-registered Club and/or Continental Teams will be eligible to apply for funding, subject to the terms and conditions of the SUPPORT SA TALENT Athlete Rewards Programme. Athletes contracted to UCI-registered Men’s World Tour, Mens Pro-Continental Teams and Women’s World Tour are not eligible for funding



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November, 2020

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