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an initiative established to enable crowdfunding, for Athletes and Artists. 

The toughest challenge that top Athletes and Artists face generally, is that of funding. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the sports and entertainment industry to a halt, locally and internationally.

With more than 800 events cancelled or postponed, this is having a devastating effect on the livelihoods of Athletes and Artists themselves, as well as the people who work with them such as support crews, coaches and industry-related service providers.

FUND YOUR PASSION™ is part of the Support SA Talent Project – which was originally spearheaded by PROTOUCH™ – Africa’s number one Continental Road Cycling Team – to recognise South African road cycling talent and create a platform, to build Athlete funding opportunities. ProTouch has now collaborated with RUBBER DUC – South Africa’s Premier Acoustic Dance Music Act – to extend this capability to cater for Artists too.

Fund Your Passion is about unleashing the passion that South African’s have for SPORT, MUSIC and the ARTS and use this passion, to support top, talented Athletes and Artists, during Covid-19 and beyond…



Fund Your Passion is similar to most crowdfunding sites – tapping into Fans, for small amounts of money – that collectively assist in financing an Athlete or Artists’ campaign.

There are some unique features in that Fund Your Passion caters exclusively to Athletes, Teams, Artists and, their industry’s independent service providers.

Fund Your Passion is FREE to Athletes or Artists and is FREE for Fans to contribute. Fund Your Passion retains 5% as an administration fee plus VAT = 5,75% on funds raised through its platform. This fee covers the provision of the platform, campaign administration, tracking and marketing of Campaigns.

A transaction fee of 5% for our banking fees and payment gateway, is charged to the donor at checkout. This is referred to as a “Surcharge” on their transaction statement.

Fund Your Passion is powered by Payflex, which allows contributors the ability to select a PAY NOW (immediate refection to the Campaign Account) or PAY LATER (where the contributor pays in four fortnightly payments, interest free). If a contributor selects this option, we reflect the donation immediately but, we can only pay out the donation to the Campaign Owner once we have received these funds.

In recognition of the thousands of behind-the-scenes crew members, that help produce the amazing shows that we see, as well as supporting our Athletes to perform, Fund Your Passion has also added the ability to load campaigns in the form of pre-paid vouchers (for services to be redeemed at a later time).

You can contribute to the SAFE “Feed the Industry” Relief Fund, currently providing access to food vouchers to people in the entertainment industry most negatively affected by job loss and lack of income, due to cancelled events and closed venues.

If you would prefer to contribute to South African Road Cycling, the Phil Liggett Foundation to Support SA Talent is a non-profit, voluntary association committed to fundraising to support South African Road Cyclists and their Teams, participating in UCI events and, those selected to represent South Africa at Road Cycling World Championships, Continental Championships and the African Games.



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  4. OR, Add a pre-paid service voucher